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Referred Journal Articles (Undergraduate co-authors in bold)

“Institutional Implant and Economic Stagnation: A Counterfactual Study of Somalia” (with Joshua Hall and Yang Zhou) Public Choice 190(3-4) 2022: 483-503

“The Effect of California’s Top-Two Primary System on Voter Turnout in US Senate an House Elections” (with John Zaleski ) Economics of Governance, Springer, 22(1) 2021: 1-21

“The Impact of WVU Football and Basketball on Hotel Demand” (with Joshua Hall) New York Economic Review 51(1) 2020: 5-15

Working Papers

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Other Selected Publications

“45 Cigarettes, the Price Has Gone p: Economics in Stalag 17” (with Joshua Hall) in War Movies and Economics: Lessons from Hollywood’s Adaptations of Military Conflict by Laura J. Ahlstrom and Franklin Mixon, editors. New York, NY: Routledge 2020: 15-27

Book Review: “Democracy and Political Ignorance: Why Smaller Government is Smarter” by Ilya Somin (Stanford University Press). The Review of Regional Studies, 49(1) 175-178