The Journey

R has a learning curve, there’s no question about it. And ten years ago, it very-well may have been a time-consuming language to learn. Today, though, there are many excellent packages built by people much smarter than myself that make learning R relatively easy without sacrificing the power and freedom that makes the language great.

My goal with this website is simple: Make your R journey easier and help you find the same appreciation for it that I have.

My journey towards teaching others how to code in R started during my Ph.D. program. After finishing, I started helping other academics clean and analyze their data in R. From there, the world of teaching R seems to be the perfect combination of my interests - teaching and coding.

Through become a Top-Rated Plus and Expert-Vetted freelancer after less than a year on Upwork - I have helped dozens of people solve their coding problems in R to clean their data, communicate results, and create Shiny apps to interact with their data sets.

I figured it was time to finally get a lot of this stuff down on (digital) paper so I can hopefully help you solve the problems you encounter as well.

Everything from the basics to advanced concepts will be covered here. If you’re more of a visual learner, YouTube content will be published along with each blog post so you can consume the content in the way that best suits your learning style.

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Daniel D. Bonneau, Ph.D.